Video Intros to my Site--on the Artistic Journey, My Mentors, What I Write About, and the Meaning of my Name!

The top 2 pictures are from the exquisite 9th-century Bhoganandeswara (Shiva) temple at the foot of the Nandi Hills, India, October 2014. The third photo is from a reading I give at Southwest Illinois College in East St. Louis in October 2015. The class rocked!

A description of my artistic journey..

My Mentors!---Five singularly influential people on my journey...

My background and what I write about!

At an arangetram--classical Indian dance graduation--I MC'd in July 2014. My grandma--whom I cared for and to whom I was very close, had died the day before, and was cremated that morning. So this picture is especially poignant to me. A statue of Nataraja is to my right--Shiva as the dancing deity, who is the embodiment of music & dance, and who dances the universe into and out of existence. This video clip gives the meaning of my name.