New Writing! Well, Actually Kind of Old That's Once Again New...Rinku & the Silver Wings.

Hello there, and happy last month of 2018! Well I haven’t written in quite a while. On my blog that is. But I’ve been writing—a children’s book—which could also pass for a fable for adults— entitled Rinku & the Silver Wings. (There is so much dark writing out there, adults need to be reminded of the fragile-yet-robust wonder of our very incredible natural world—and, our deep interconnectedness with it.) I started it in 2011…got completely stuck, gave up on it, and then it surprised me by flying into my mind this spring.

I don’t use the word flying lightly. Rinku is set in the world of birds…they decide to ‘take back their planet’…I won’t say more.

Just read. I’ve posted an excerpt on this site. Please click on Rinku & the Silver Wings. And I will post more often from now on!

I’ve also been busy with our Dances of India Performance—our 41st Annual, to be exact! We presented a brand new interpretation of a little-known character in the Indian epic The Ramayana…entitled The Forgotten Ramayana: The Tale of Urmila, the Sleeping Princess.

I’ll try and post a link soon. So check back soon and thank you for visiting my site. :-)



Just down the street from the State Opera House…