Malleswaram, Bangalore, at the tail end of 2017, in the 'Forested Malleswaram' Temple Complex.

Malleswaram, Bangalore, at the tail end of 2017, in the 'Forested Malleswaram' Temple Complex.




President, Dances of India—Celebrating its 41st season in 2018, this is one of the oldest classical Indian dance companies in the United States.

*Artistic Director Asha Premachandra won a 2018 St. Louis Visionary Award.*

In addition to performing, I administer the company and write and narrate our original productions.  Examples include:

1.     Rhapsody for the Blue Gods---tales of Rama & Krishna set to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue & An American in Paris.  2006

 “I love Gershwin but I wasn’t even thinking of Gershwin during this piece. It was wonderful.”  --Marsha Coplon, St. Louis Repertory Theatre.


2.     The Music of Water—tales told along India’s rivers.  2016

 “The entire performance was so great. Your performance was outstanding and the St. Louis Ballet piece was wonderful as well.”—Lynn Maupin, Program Manager, St. Louis Regional Arts Commission.


3.     Devi of the Ashes—or, Cinderella in India   2017

 “ I was very impressed with the quality of the performance. I also noticed that the performance was well attended and that the audience was diverse, with people of various ages and racial backgrounds. That means that your work appeals to a broad audience, which is excellent.”—Felicia Shaw, Executive Director, St. Louis Regional Arts Commission.


Additional Writing/Public Speaking/Skills

Published piece in Fall 2017 Panorama, the Journal of Intelligent Travel:   Title:  Dr. Premachandra’s Pilgrimage; Mapping the Midwest from a Cadillac

 Languages:  Fluent French, Conversational Spanish, Some Japanese


Public Speaking:

--Missouri History Museum:   Full Effort is Full Victory; Gandhi, King, and the Persistent Path to PeaceJanuary 14, 2018

Reference Contact:  Emily Underwood, Director Community Programs

Tel:  (314)-361-7293  Email:

--Saint Louis Art Museum:  An Iridescent Exchange; Fashion and the Fantastic Along the Silk Road.   August 31-September 1, 2017

 --Saint Louis Art Museum: The Great Dance of the Universe; Myth, Meaning, and Movement in South Asian Art.   January 5-6, 2017

Reference Contact:

Sherri Williams, Associate Educator, Youth & Family Learning

Reference Letter Available Upon Request

I have also performed and spoken at many corporations, universities, schools, cultural institutions, etc. about classical Indian dance & culture.

 Readings of my own work:


--Southwest Illinois College, East St. Louis, IL October 2016 & February 2010

Reference Contact:  Treasure Shields Redmond,  Professor of English


--Washington University, St. Louis, October 2016 @ a memorial for Professor of Classics Kevin Herbert.

Reference Contact:    Cathy Reilly, organizer

Tel:  (314)-791-6917   Email: 



M.A. Finance, Webster University,    London, England, 1997

B.A. French, Washington University, 1990  Elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Studied one year at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne.

Additional Employment/Skills:

 Grant-Writing. I have received written & received grants for our company for years.

Reference Contact:

Language Consultant @ Interac, Yokhohama Japan, 1991-1992.

I taught Business English at Mitsubishi, Hitachi, etc.

Reference Letter Available Upon Request