My New Kids' Book--Rinku & the Silver Wings!

Hello on a frigid Midwestern day! It always amazes me though, that no matter how cold it is (it was 2 degrees F earlier) that radiation from the sun—93,000,000 miles away!— still melts icicles…I’ve always loved the winter landscape. I feel that through their lithe, sinuous limbs, the bare trees are striving to tell us something…if only we made time to be still and listen…Naturally, trees figure prominently in Rinku, which is set in the world of birds. The winged (and winged-yet-still-flightless) beings decide— since humans aren’t doing anything about cleaning up the earth— they will take up the challenge and take back their planet! Please have a look; click on Rinku.

I am ALSO delighted to share a link to an Emmy-nominated documentary short produced by HEC-TV in St. Louis on our classical Indian dance company, Dances of India. Dances of India, now in its 42nd season, is one of the oldest classical Indian dance companies in the US. My mom, Asha Prem, is the Artistic Director, and she and my late father, Dr. B.N. Premachandra, began the company in 1976. For the past several years I have been writing and narrating originally-scripted productions which I and Theckla Mehta—my mom’s best friend and former student—put to music. In this documentary, we were preparing for our 38th annual performance in 2011, for which we created the production The Magic Grove, based on one of my favorite Indian folktales.:

And here’s my YouTube channel. In addition to clips of me reading from my work, you can also see clips from other Dances of India productions, which I wrote and narrated.

Nartana Premachandra You Tube Channel

Our 2018 production was entitled The Tale of Urmila, the Sleeping Princess. It gave voice to one of the least-known characters in the Hindu epic The Ramayana, who sacrifices 14 years of her life for her husband, sister Sita, and Sita’s husband Prince Rama.

Lastly, I’m delighted to mention that a couple of my essays will be published in the St. Louis Anthology, a collection of essays on the Lou to be put out by Belt Press in June 2019.

Please click on St. Louis Anthology to have a look!

At the ticket desk at our 42nd Annual Performance Sunday Matinee, November 2019. My dad manned this desk for 37 years!

At the ticket desk at our 42nd Annual Performance Sunday Matinee, November 2019. My dad manned this desk for 37 years!