Nartana Premachandra has worked as an independent contractor at the Saint Louis Art Museum for over a decade, entertaining and educating audiences through dance, storytelling, and public lectures. In her service to the Museum, Nartana has demonstrated a truly impressive depth of art historical knowledge and an admirable dedication to the Museum’s mission. She is highly regarded by Museum visitors and staff and her programs at SLAM always garner positive feedback.—Sherri Williams, Educator, Adult Learning, Saint Louis Art Museum

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your speech and Indian dance demonstration at Pfizer St. Louis in May of 2018. Your speech about the persistent leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King in the non-violence movement was very inspiring and resonated with many folks here. We need more speakers like you, especially in the greater St. Louis area, who can be a strong advocate for our Asian heritage and at the same time is able to make much needed connection between our culture and the great way of American life. …The combination of your excellent speech and elegant dance performance made this event a great success. You have undeniably showed us that you are such a valuable asset for our community and certainly an inspirational leader in many ways.—Qin Zou, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Group Leader, Pfizer Global Alliance St. Louis Chapter Lead

Thank you for leading "A Mosaic of Many Hearts" at the (St. Louis Art) Museum. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed the discussion as well as the interactive dance. This was a great inaugural workshop for you and I am sure our paths will cross again soon.--Jennifer Doyle, St. Louis Art Museum

Nartana Premachandra spoke at the East St. Louis Writers' Workshop series on Thursday, October 22nd.  She mainly read her poetry, but she gave us a taste of her novels as well.  In her poetry, whether she is writing about the death of a loved one or the changing seasons, she has a keen ability/sensitivity to connect life happenings to the natural process...There is a deep regard for humanity and the nature that surrounds us in all she write. She is a refreshing voice to hear.  Rick Gregory, Site Supervisor, Southwestern Illinois College- East St. Louis Center

I want to thank you for speaking at my dad's memorial last month. You spoke so eloquently and beautifully about your relationship with my dad--remarkable in itself, given its rather tenuous beginnings--and wove your poetry in so effortlessly with your remembrances.--Cathy Reilly, Professor Kevin Herbert's daughter

* In truth, my friendship with Professor Herbert was remarkable! I had just one class with him senior year at Washington University--Ancient Greek History-- and then 8 years later I ran into him at Borders Bookstore. I then ran into him in the St. Louis County Library. We began emailing, he read my first novel, The Moment, Before Sleep, and he gave a lot of wonderful perspective on the craziness of the modern world for a good 8 years through his philosophical and at times very humorous observations.

Reviews on my first novel, The Moment, Before Sleep:

I had the pleasure of having had passed on to me Nartana Premachandra’s remarkable first novel The Moment, Before Sleep. Ms. Premachandra is a marvelously talented writer-and for me perhaps above all, a gorgeous lyricist. Her prose evokes her many characters’ worlds with grace and style, not to mention originality…nothing can take away from the beautiful prose Ms. Premachandra is capable of, or her desire to take on the (sometimes painful) themes she does here, often stunningly.--Robin Desser, VP, Alfred A. Knopf

I must tell you that your language is truly beautiful, surprising, exceptionally poetic…I remember being stunned by the style. I’ve never seen anyone do language like you do! This is not a sit-in-the-drawer novel. I think you have worked a wonder. ---Marjorie Stelmach, former Director, Howard Nemerov Writing Scholars Program, Washington University:

As you can tell I COULD NOT get enough of the gorgeous 9th-century temple of Bhoganandeswara. I am dancing where the devadasis (temple dancers) once danced!

As you can tell I COULD NOT get enough of the gorgeous 9th-century temple of Bhoganandeswara. I am dancing where the devadasis (temple dancers) once danced!